I hope you are enjoying this wonderful winter weather on the Gold Coast with crystal clear skies, breathtaking days, stunning sunrises and sunsets.

The market remains in an interesting space. The post-election period has seen a significant rise in consumer confidence about the real estate market moving forward.

There is currently a shortage of properties on the market. People will sell their properties when they find alternate ones to buy, and with so few properties on the market, people who would like to either upsize or downsize etc. are just not finding properties they want to purchase and so they do not list their properties for sale.

Fewer properties on the market adds to the frustration of buyers who cannot find the property they are looking for.

There is fairly strong competition in the marketplace for correctly priced properties, whilst those prices beyond the market are still sitting there unsold.

Have a good look at the properties we have for sale at the moment and let me know if there is anything I can help you with in any aspect of your real estate needs.