We have seen some really strong activity by our office in the last two weeks.

We have seen an increase of buyer enquiry and a few properties go under contract this past fortnight… both ‘on the market’ and ‘off the market’ sales, which is a huge demonstration of how strong the Gold Coast market is at present. 

This activity is certainly a reflection of what everyone is now coming to terms with and that is, the bottom of the market has passed.

One of the key drivers of the real estate market is population growth. It is not something we are aware of daily, but it is occurring without our awareness.

On a Gold Coast level, the latest research shows that approximately 146,000 people are expected to migrate to the city over the next 10 years. About 40% of those are expected to be aged 55 and over.

They want a property that is comparable in size to a small home and is well designed to suit their needs. It is part of the reason why the Gold Coast remained resilient throughout the last 18-months when the big cities were going through substantial price correction.

It is comforting to see that one of the prime drivers of the real estate market, namely population growth, is in such a strong position, and especially here on the Gold Coast.

There is no question that people are querying what to do with their savings and their investment monies. With interest rates at record lows, leaving your money in the bank is no longer relevant. 

The stock market is all over the place and with trade wars on, the volatility is enormous; which does keep steering people back to the tried and tested investment vehicle of real estate.

Whilst it does have cycles and volatility at times, it has always proved through the test of time to deliver the best results for Australians.